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Thoora is a new and different service that helps people discover the news attracting the most attention and social reactions – making it easy for you to filter through the noise and the growing challenge of finding valuable news and information.

The current approach to online news is a pyramid in which a news event attracts traditional media coverage. This is quickly followed by reactions from bloggers and other social media tools. This creates buzz, or a social reaction.

Thoora takes a different approach by flipping this pyramid upside down.

How it works

What makes Thoora’s approach to the news unique is their proprietary algorithm, clustering and ranking technology that lets Thoora index in real-time the entire blogosphere where Thoora has indexed 81 million blogs, Twitter, and thousands of traditional media sources

Thoora listens to everyone’s voices, which discovers the stories that are being talked about the most. The most interesting stories are highlighted as opposed to relying on just a small group of editors or A-List bloggers.

Thoora is completely automated. Thoora don’t play favorites, and Thoora does not curate the news. By listening to the millions of voices from the social Web, Thoora gives you the whole story because what people are saying on blogs and Twitter about the news isn’t just commentary but an integral part of the story itself.

Thoora discovers the stories that everyone is talking about by exploring the entire blogosphere, Twitter and thousands of traditional media sources. Thoora identifies the strongest “signals” within the blogosphere (blogs and comments), Twitter and traditional media; cluster together the strongest signals form each group, and then highlight the stories attracting the most attention.

Do you want to try Thoora???

Thoora is currently in Beta Mode.

Sign-up for this Beta quickly, before Thoora from Rogers New Venture Group is closed

You can access Thoora Beta at http://beta.thoora.com by using access code TC50

Feel free to reach out if you want to learn more about social media; have mobile app development needs or require assistance with your mobile marketing strategy and execution. Your comments  are most welcome. You can leave comments below.

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