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Written By: langdon on November 24, 2011 No Comment

Does SEO make a difference? Traditional on-page SEO typically ranks behind a verified Local Business Listing, off-page and off-listing criteria, and reviews. Think about some of the leading businesses you see ranking in local search results, even in some of the more competitive industries. In many cases, restaurants ranking at the top of the list have poorly-optimized or even all-Flash websites. Large chain hotels frequently rank with location-page URLs that are buried within parent site architecture.In both of these cases, and countless others, different factors seem to outweigh the strength of an individual website or webpage. For instance, restaurants may have powerful profiles on places like YP, Yelp or UrbanSpoon; hotels may have really great reviews on TripAdvisor. Both are likely presenting a very strong signal among the traditional data providers. It remains critical to think about Local as its own entity within a broader SEO framework.[…click headline to read more!]

Written By: langdon on October 1, 2009 No Comment

…responsible for strategic planning, partnerships, product development and marketing strategy with a view to drive new growth opportunities and develop new lines of business with a focus on emerging media; mobile; iTV; interactive voice, video & social media… [Click Headline to read full article]

Written By: langdon on August 30, 2009 2 Comments

Traditional, customer-pays 411 is in decline and quickly being replaced by a new generation of Voice-Enabled Mobile Category Search. Directory assistance (DA) is the original “local search” and its younger sibling, wireless DA, is the original mobile-local search. But now customers are starting to understand how much they pay for these services, as free alternatives are emerging. And as the customer-pays, traditional DA market declines a range of new services, models and providers is arising such as 1800Free411 and YellowPages411 [… Click headline to read more!]

Written By: langdon on August 27, 2009 No Comment

Free 411 mobile and voice search uses a sophisticated set of algorithms to determine the order in which results are returned to the caller. By default these algorithms are configured to provide highly relevant results for any type of category while also factoring in placement and ranking information from the merchant data base. In fact, the relative importance of proximity vs. ranking data is configurable on a per-category basis. This allows the mobile platform to effectively support categories where proximity is very important (i.e. coffee shops and restaurants), services that are mobile (i.e. taxis, plumbers), and everything in between. Results are presented in a weighted random order, providing preferred merchants with preferential placement while simultaneously ensuring fair representation for all. […Click headline to read more]

Written By: langdon on August 26, 2009 One Comment

Facebook and Twitter are getting all of the attention for providing APIs that let developers recreate their services on their own sites. This strategy has in part led to Twitter’s growth explosion. So giving away your data seems to work – and neither of these sites has a killer revenue model. […click headline to read more !]

The next big innovation in local search is going to come as the publishers that control all of the yellow pages listings data release that data via APIs and let the users come up with cool applications that sit on top of that data. Right now I think the majority of Web marketers don’t have much of a clue as to the value of local search traffic. Clicks for DUI attorneys are certainly worth more than those for ring tones. But if the data is suddenly easily available and new sites start cropping up that appear to be making $, you will start to see even more local search sites than we have now. This will make for a very crowded field, but if you’re the data publisher and your ads are riding along with the data, you may not care who ranks #1 in Google, as long as the ad clicks belong to you. [… Click headline to read more!]

Written By: langdon on July 7, 2009 No Comment

The Canadian local search market now has one less player when Canpages acquired online directory ZipLocal.ca. Canpages said the deal would boost its rapidly-growing online search business, by adding ZipLocals’ user-generated reviews and ratings of businesses to its own search site. […Click headline to read more]

Written By: langdon on October 7, 2008 No Comment

In today’s interconnected world, it is important for consumers to find relevant business information anywhere, anytime. yellowpages411 provides a complete business category voice and mobile search solution that connects ready to connect consumers directly with local merchants, even when they don’t know the name of the business.

yellowpages411 mobile and voice expands upon traditional directory assistance by giving callers the ability to search for businesses by category just like they would in yellowpages.ca. Additionally callers can refine their searches geographically by intersection, landmark or neighbourhood.

To enable this service together TELUS partnered with the Yellow Pages Group (YPG) to integrate their interactive voice platform into the 411 environment at TELUS . This enables TELUS callers to dial 411 to conduct their directory searches and local refinements with ease in both English and French utilising yellowpages.ca 310-0411 voice platform.[…Click headline to read more!]

Written By: langdon on May 22, 2008 No Comment

Yellow Pages Group launched today a new YellowPages.ca™ application on the Facebook Platform, which connects users with local businesses.Facebook users can now download the YellowPages.ca™ application to find, rate and review businesses ;build lists of their favourite restaurants and shops ;share lists of their favourite local businesses with their Facebook network ;reference the business lists and reviews of their Facebook friends for recommendations
The new application also features quick access to business profile information, including maps and driving directions.

By connecting YellowPages.ca™’s business listings to over 70 million active Facebook users, yellowpages.ca is taking the mission of finding the best seller for each buyer to a whole new level. […Click headline to read more]

Written By: langdon on November 29, 2007 3 Comments

Finding a product or merchant is now easier with the new Yellow Pages™ directory on Short Messaging Service (SMS), better known as text messaging. For those looking for local businesses anywhere in Canada, the information is now literally at their fingertips using their mobile devices. The information contained in YPG’s text message service is the same as that available via the YellowPages.ca web site, offering a vast listing of some one million businesses across Canada.In order to access Yellow Pages™ directory content via text messaging, users simply send a message to 411411. The message must include a keyword (i.e. “taxi” or “jewellery”), followed by a comma, and the location being searched (city or postal code). The service will quickly reply with up to nine relevant results listed in order of proximity. Users can also obtain national merchants just by removing the comma. […Click headline to read more!]

Written By: langdon on October 25, 2007 One Comment

HelloYellow™, a mobile directory service by Yellow Pages Group (YPG), is giving Toronto motorists a break this morning with a free top-up of their gas tanks. The HelloYellow team plans to fill up hundreds of tanks at select Esso service stations in the greater Toronto area (GTA) over the next two days. The HelloYellow team will take over the pumps during both the peak morning rush and afternoon drive times. The highly visible crew will draw in motorists, distributing free gas at the Esso stations.

“We thought drivers would appreciate a break in light of today’s fluctuating fuel prices.” says David Langdon, Sr.Manager, Marketing of Yellow Pages Group. “This is a great opportunity for us to introduce HelloYellow, our new voice-activated directory for people on move.”HelloYellow is a FREE voice activated local search system provided by YPG. By calling 310-0411, callers can search, browse and connect through to Yellow Pages™ directory merchants. The automated attendant will ask callers what they are looking for and in which part of the city. Based on this information, a list of merchants will be presented for the caller to choose from and will then provide the selected telephone number. […Click Headline to read more]

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