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Written By: langdon on September 19, 2010 One Comment

Three Conditions for a Viral Idea: Susceptibility, Connectedness: Majority: Even skeptical people can be influenced by an idea that permeates their local environment. It really isn’t all that important which people are influenced initially. A majority doesn’t just rule, it convinces.
Mass Media: Reaching a lot of people cheaply is the best way to reach the specific people you need.
Don’t Over-Target: Social Search research shows that combining a few general targeting parameters is enough for a message to reach its intended objective. Laser like focus can be less efficient and you lose the chance to reach people who can influence the target.
Encourage Word-of-Mouth: Social Media strategies are a great way to extend a marketing campaign, but not a replacement. To get maximum effect, integration with Mass Media and other marketing communication is crucial. [… Click Headline to read more]

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