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YellowPages411 Partnership with Telus411 Directory Assistance – Value Proposition

YellowPages411 – voice-enabled mobile search partners with Telus 411 Directory Assistance to offer consumers a voice-enabled location-based mobile search to Telus411 & Rogers411 callers.

The Name of the Game: Grabbing  Qualified Eyeballs – The New Game – Grabbing Ears Print, Online, Wireless >>> now Voice !

World’s only fully automated enabled voice directory that is geo-location enabled
Built with Wireless in mind… but also works on wire-line phones

The Conversion Challenge

42% are more interested in paying for customer leads via phone call versus clicks to their website (under 21%)
85% said they know their customer conversion rates from phone calls while not having the same clarity from traffic to their website
40% said they would allocate new advertising budget to fund pay per call advertising
Small business in the USA indicate they value a phone call to be worth 10x a click to their website

Consumer/User Value Proposition

Caller can search by Business Category
Caller can locate merchants in a variety of places – by city, neighborhood, intersection, landmark
Caller can browse/shop/choose merchants – from a geo-targeted personalized list of merchants
Voice User Interface (VUI) is easy-to-use & hands-free (Nuance)
Merchant data is enhanced beyond Name, Address and telephone number for many merchants

  Value Proposition for the Carrier

  Strategic Benefits

Improved service scope: more competitive
Improved 411 call handling capabilities 
Enhanced content, added Value in 411 services 
Automation of a segment of currently operator handled calls
Reduce incidence of  failed search…“Why can’t I search by category?”
Overall customer satisfaction improvement
Showcases “LBS” capabilities of the carrier

  Cost Savings

Call automation
Reduced call handling time

  Potential Increased Revenue

Increase in 411 traffic based on enhanced content and localized search abilities

 Advertiser Value Proposition

YellowPages411 empowers retailers by connecting them to targeted, ready to spend customers… generating new revenue.
All Merchants in Top Yellow Pages categories have a free basic listing
Paying Merchants have Improved presentation ranking and enhanced content
YellowPages411 Metrics demonstrate further measured ROI.

 YPG Value Proposition

Yellow Pages Brand Extension into Wireless Market & 411DA Market
“Next Generation” Yellow Pages icebreaker
Generate the critical mass required to create value for YPG advertisers.
YPG gets reporting […Click headline to read more!]

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