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Written By: langdon on July 26, 2009 No Comment

Think of who your ideal customer is–and appeal directly to them. The more targeted the message the better. In search (especially through PPC ads), we have the luxury of picking the keywords we’re found for–the more targeted the keywords the cheaper they are. If you use targeted keywords you should make sure you’re also using targeted ad copy–it will cost less and increase your conversion rate. Appealing directly to your target audience will help your chances of converting someone into a customer. [… Click headline to read more]

Written By: langdon on July 25, 2009 No Comment

Managing an effective PPC campaign isn’t easy. There are several important issues involved, which I detail below. Not addressing all of these issues properly will result in poor sales performance, spending more than necessary, and overall decreased return on your investment.
To maximize your return on investment from a comprehensive pay per click campaign, you need to be doing the following:
– Manage the overall PPC budget — Don’t run out of money too quickly. If you bid too high and spend all that money, your ads won’t show up in the search results.
– Keyword research — Create a list of keyword phrases and constantly adjust the list based on ROI of your campaign.
– Copyrighting — Write effective online ads that causes searchers to click.
– Competitive analysis — Do you know what keyword phrases are your competitors bidding on?
– Detailed campaign analysis and reporting — Are you using the latest technology that produce reports to tell you where you’re getting the best ROI?
– New keyword opportunity identification — Using a combination of competitive analysis and industry trends, you can identify new keyword phrases that are being searched for by potential customers. These new keyword phrases are typically less expensive and can provide an even great ROI than other keyword phrase.
– Online sales tracking — It’s important to know exactly which keyword phrases are bringing sales. Are you using the latest technology and tracking capabilities to track all of your online sales and know exactly where they’re coming from?
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