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Written By: langdon on May 12, 2013 No Comment

Effective and sustainable teambuilding is necessary in today’s marketplace where fewer people are being required to do more work. More often than not, the adage “Getting everyone rowing in the same direction” is associated with building effective teams.[… click Headline to read more! ]

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Written By: langdon on September 2, 2009 One Comment

Great leaders empower the right people to discover something the organization can be great at, something the organization can be passionate about and something the organization should focus on to maximize profitability. We learn that in great companies there is often heated debate about what’s best for the company. The culture of great companies is open in the sense that transparency prevails. […Click headline to read more!]

Written By: langdon on September 1, 2009 No Comment

The competitive advantage for successful organizations is the cultivation of a culture of Operational Excellence. It is the relentless pursuit of excellence each and every day. It is not a slogan on the wall but rather a way of life that requires Vision, Values, Leadership, Communication and Accountability. At the core of this culture is the engagement and the active participation of team members at all levels of the organization, with an underlying focus on “respect for people.” Progressive organizations understand that an essential part of business strategy and competitive edge depends on the ability to transform the entire organization, at every level, to a customer driven business. [… click headline to read more!]

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