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Written By: langdon on October 1, 2009 No Comment

…responsible for strategic planning, partnerships, product development and marketing strategy with a view to drive new growth opportunities and develop new lines of business with a focus on emerging media; mobile; iTV; interactive voice, video & social media… [Click Headline to read full article]

Written By: langdon on August 23, 2009 3 Comments

You have built the next great application for iPhone or BlackBerry, but it is still the worlds greatest secret. Here are 50 suggestions that you can use to promote your application to the world. A nearly perfect mobile marketing plan and follow-up execution will fall short if the underlying app is uninspiring, bug-ridden or unremarkable. In addition, a well-designed, compelling app thrown in the mix of 50,000+ apps and unsupported by marketing, would likely disappoint. An integrated approach is most effective, with all components complementing and leveraging one another. A commitment to an integrated marketing plan and continued improvements to the app itself, will increase your probability of a sustained advantage in the marketplace. [… Click headline to read more!]

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Why does Apple get to decide what applications your iPhone can run? That’s a question on customers’ minds today after Apple rejected Google Voice as an iPhone application, apparently to protect AT&T’s lock on iPhone users.

This is another example of how Apple’s monopoly control over iPhone apps is bad for customers.

Google Voice is a next-generation telephone management system that allows users to share a single number among all their phones. It also provides SMS, voicemail, and speech-to-text conversion of incoming voicemail messages. All for free.

Google Voice, is an innovative phone management system that provides a single phone number for all your mobile, work and fixed numbers. Google re-launched the service last month and is now available for U.S. users on an invitation basis.

The Google Voice service acts as a hub for managing voice mail, all your contacts, and making free and low-cost phone calls via land line phones. It also provides SMS, voicemail, and speech-to-text conversion of incoming voicemail messages. All for free. The Google Voice mobile app extends those features to smartphones

It’s easy to imagine Google Voice users might not to want to pay AT&T for features that Google is giving away. So, apparently to protect AT&T, Apple rejected Google Voice. [… Click headline to read more!]

Written By: langdon on April 6, 2009 No Comment

Yellow Pages Group (YPG), Canada’s leader in local commercial search, has launched the YellowPages.ca™local search application to provide consumers with a user-friendly tool to easily search for local businesses and people using a BlackBerry smartphone or Apple iPhone. Consumers are increasingly looking for relevant and useful local business information or residential phone numbers from their mobile devices when they are on-the-go. The application puts the power of our network in the hands of every BlackBerry and iPhone user and gives our advertisers access to a significant number of potential customers. The YellowPages.ca application includes the following features:
– Business, Person and Reverse phone number look-up
– Save to your favourites (My Favs) and/or address book
– Share listing results with others via email/sms
– Local proximity-based search using GPS & Maps (for devices which this is enabled)
– Direct connect to Voice Search […Click headline to read more! ]

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