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Written By: langdon on August 26, 2009 One Comment

Facebook and Twitter are getting all of the attention for providing APIs that let developers recreate their services on their own sites. This strategy has in part led to Twitter’s growth explosion. So giving away your data seems to work – and neither of these sites has a killer revenue model. […click headline to read more !]

The next big innovation in local search is going to come as the publishers that control all of the yellow pages listings data release that data via APIs and let the users come up with cool applications that sit on top of that data. Right now I think the majority of Web marketers don’t have much of a clue as to the value of local search traffic. Clicks for DUI attorneys are certainly worth more than those for ring tones. But if the data is suddenly easily available and new sites start cropping up that appear to be making $, you will start to see even more local search sites than we have now. This will make for a very crowded field, but if you’re the data publisher and your ads are riding along with the data, you may not care who ranks #1 in Google, as long as the ad clicks belong to you. [… Click headline to read more!]

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