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Written By: langdon on December 25, 2013 No Comment

Because we are in the early days of the cloud paradigm shift, there is much confusion about the direction of this ongoing transformation. In this blog, we looked beyond the current technology and focused on the underlying economics of cloud to define the destination – where all of this disruption and innovation is leading our industry. (… click Headline to read more !]

Written By: langdon on December 23, 2013 No Comment

IT is going through a similar change: the shift from client/server to the cloud. Cloud promises not just cheaper IT, but also faster, easier, more flexible, and more effective IT. Just as in the early days of the car industry, it‘s currently difficult to see where this new paradigm will take us. The goal of this article is to help build a framework that allows IT leaders to plan for the cloud transition. [… click Headline to read more !]

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