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6 reasons why i’m just not into you (on twitter)

Written By: langdon on July 26, 2009 No Comment

6 reasons why i’m just not into you (on twitter)

Over the last few months the number of people I’m following and in return are following me has more than doubled.

Managing my following / follower ratio has become part of my weekly routine in order to keep my tweet streams more interesting and relevant for me.

With that in mind, I’ve come up with 6 reasons why i won’t follow you back, or why I may unfollow you on twitter:

  1. You have no avatar / picture uploaded of yourself. Unless I’m self-subscribing to a news feed (like the NY Times), I have no interest in following people back who can’t make the effort to personalize their space
  2. You’re wearing a suit with a tie in your avatar picture. Since i’ve turned off email notifications for new followers (it was getting too many to manage!), I now rely on tweepular to help me figure out who I should follow back. 9 times out of 10, those with suits and ties are spammers, liars, or just really boring
  3. Your bio includes some reference to making money, affiliate marketing and being a life coach of some sort
  4. Your profile name is not really a name. If i can’t identify you as a brand or person, chances are you are a spammer, liar, or somebody that won’t be adding much to the conversation. There are exceptions to this rule – but i follow it 8 times out of 10.
  5. You haven’t posted a tweet in over a week. Chances are if you haven’t posted in over a week you have either given up on twitter, haven’t figured twitter out, or you are just not interesting enough to have something to say
  6. Your follower / following ratio is way out of wack. If you are following 10,000 people but only 32 are following you back, that’s a major flag that you are a spammer, liar, or somebody who just doesn’t get it yet

Was that too harsh?

What are some of the reasons why you won’t return any follow love on twitter?

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