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David Langdon – highlights of some key accomplishments

David sat on an advisory board that led to the formation of Mint Inc in 2003.

 Mint Inc. was established in Toronto in 2003 to introduce and advance wireless payment technology in North America. The company developed customized technology applications to provide next generation payment solutions to include cell phones, cards and RFID transponders.

Mint provided those solutions for industries such as Parking, Gaming and Cellular. Mint Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mint Technology Corp that began trading publicly on January 7, 2004.

 Mint commercially launched several mobile & wireless payments solutions and was successful to implement several commercial solutions such as:

Pay-by-cell-phone parking hits Toronto

Torontonians can now pay for parking using their cell phones at Imperial Parking (Impark) parking lots throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Mint Technology Corp., based in Toronto, provides the mobile phone payment service for Impark, dubbed PayMint.

Gordon Craig, vice-president of Impark in Toronto, said the company is always looking to increase the number of ways its customers can pay at its parking lots.

“We were the first ones to add pay and display, and the first to add pay-by-cell-phone in Vancouver two years ago,” Craig said.

Drivers can pay for parking using their cell phones at about 500 Impark lots in Vancouver and Toronto’.

A major impetus behind Impark’s pay-by-cell-phone program was credit card fraud. In fact, Craig said the problem was so rampant in some communities that mobile phone payment is now the only form of payment accepted at some of Impark’s locations.

To use the mobile phone payment system, users can sign up by telephone or over the Internet on Mint’s Web site. Users simply have to provide their credit card information, their license plate number, plus their home telephone number and address. Users can register multiple automobiles under the same credit card and will soon be able to register more than one credit card.

After registering, users can visit any Impark lot and pay just by calling the PayMint number, which is posted at each parking lot, from their mobile phone and indicating how much parking time they would like to purchase. About 30 minutes before parking time is up, PayMint sends users a text messages to notify them their time is about to expire. Then users have the option to call back PayMint and extend their parking time. Also, if they have purchased too much time, they can remove the excess. To ensure information isn’t intercepted, Mint uses 128-bit SSL encryption.

Impark can access data about its parking lots through the Web. Also, Impark’s parking lot attendants can verify that drivers have paid to park in their lots by cross-checking license plate numbers with those in the Mint database using BlackBerries from Research in Motion Ltd.

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