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Lessons in Leadership: Be a Great Mentor, Leader and Coach – 16Tips

Written By: langdon on September 2, 2009 One Comment

Lessons in Leadership: Be a Great Mentor, Leader and Coach – 16Tips

Who has had the greatest influence in your career? When one looks back at their professional career, they can usually point to one or more mentors that have influenced and shaped the progression of their work lives.  Over the course of my career, I have been fortunate to have collaborated and worked with some truly outstanding leaders. Leaders that epitomize vision, values, engagement, performance and above all having a passion for what they believe in.

Great leaders empower the right people to discover something the organization can be great at, something the organization can be passionate about and something the organization should focus on to maximize profitability. We learn that in great companies there is often heated debate about what’s best for the company. The culture of great companies is open in the sense that transparency prevails.

A “Real” Leader; the “Boss”; A “Great Leader”…

                … Coaches, trains, motivates & inspires; doesn’t just drive

                … Merits goodwill & respect; doesn’t need positional power and authority

                … Arouses creativity & enthusiasm; doesn’t use fear and intimidation

                … Uses we, us and ours; doesn’t need the ego “I”

                … Promotes the team, trust & collaboration; doesn’t empire build

                … Has and makes the job- game fun; doesn’t sport the responsibility

                … Instills freedom, confidence & commitment; doesn’t rain on parades

                … Anticipates & prevents; doesn’t detect & react emotionally

                … Laughs loudest when the joke’s on him/her; doesn’t lack self confidence

                … Learns from & admits mistakes; doesn’t need infallibility

                … Pursues excellence & growth; doesn’t accept failure and complacency

                … Recognizes & acknowledges; doesn’t steal the thunder of others

                … Gathers facts & data; doesn’t rely on opinions and judgements

                … Decides, plans & takes action; doesn’t dilly-dally

                … Listens, cares & assert; doesn’t need to hear himself

                … Says let’s go win/win; doesn’t settle for win/lose

Do you have any other Tips about how to be known as a  Great Mentor, Coach and Leader?

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