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When was the last time you verified that all aspects of your data protection are in place and being met?. If it has been a while, maybe today would be a good day to try a restore, before you find yourself in a tight spot. Ensure that you have a data protection strategy with the proven ability to recover. It isn’t about the backup…it’s about the ability to recover that’s vital! [… click headline to read more!]

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A company that experiences a computer outage lasting for more than 10 days will never fully recover financially and that 50 percent of companies suffering such a predicament will be out of business within 5 years. Annual data losses to PCs cost US businesses $18.2 billion [… click Headline to read more ! ]

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Most organizations struggle to meet backup windows and to improve recovery capabilities, to improve backup and restore success rates and to keep up with data growth. Sure there have been some improvements — the shift to disk as the primary target for backup did improve backup and recovery performance, but it hasn’t fundamentally changed backup operations or addressed the most basic backup challenges. Why hasn’t disk dragged backup out of the dark ages? Well, disk alone can’t address some of the underlying causes. […click headline to read more!]

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Seagate Technology (NASDAQ:STX), is the world leader in hard disk drives and storage devices for enterprise, desktop, mobile computing, consumer electronics, and external/networking storage solutions markets. Seagate products span the storage application landscape, including data centers, mainframes, workstations, desktop and notebook PCs, netbooks, digital video recorders, gaming consoles, home entertainment devices, external backup and networked storage. […Click headline to read more]

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i365.com provides proven solutions for the protection, retention, and discovery of electronic information to solve organizations’ compliance and data management problems […Click headline to read more]

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