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Written By: langdon on July 26, 2009 No Comment

Just as marketers are finally figuring out what the heck facebook is and why they should be embracing the platform as a way of reaching & engaging their customers and potential customers, there is a new trend developing that may impact facebook and other social mediums…

Enter social aggregators.

Aggregators won’t replace facebook – but much like RSS feeds have supplemented users visting websites directly, social aggregator services could mean marketers looking to reach and engage people through social media sites like facebook will find a smaller direct audience to engage with. […Click headline to read more!]

Written By: langdon on July 26, 2009 No Comment

Over the last few months the number of people I’m following and in return are following me has more than doubled.
Managing my following / follower ratio has become part of my weekly routine in order to keep my tweet streams more interesting and relevant for me. With that in mind, I’ve come up with 6 reasons why i won’t follow you back, or why I may unfollow you on twitter […Click headline to read more]

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Written By: langdon on August 7, 2008 No Comment

Would you follow your favorite healthy pizza place on Twitter? Through the power of Twitter, – I am now following NakedPizza, a New Orleans super-health conscious pizza joint. The article that my twitter friends were talking about is “A Sign Of Things To Come: Naked Pizza Erects Twitter Billboard”

So, what did NakedPizza do that deserves such mention? Simple. They are using traditional media combined with social media to stay connected with their customers.
From the article – “But if a business can get a customer to add their Twitter handle, it gets a free channel to constantly remind them that they exist. By tweeting out promotions a few times a week, Naked Pizza will maintain a presence in the customer’s consciousness, and the customer gets a chance to score some cheap pizza.”

What a brilliant strategy from a small business. Twitter is likely one of the best tools, since eNewsletters, for constant communication with your customers. From a user perspective, I can follow my favorite local, regional or national brand players who will inform me through tiny 140 character updates about products, specials or whatever. When I compare Twitter to Email, I see 3 key advantages [….Click headline to read more]

Written By: langdon on May 22, 2008 No Comment

Yellow Pages Group launched today a new YellowPages.ca™ application on the Facebook Platform, which connects users with local businesses.Facebook users can now download the YellowPages.ca™ application to find, rate and review businesses ;build lists of their favourite restaurants and shops ;share lists of their favourite local businesses with their Facebook network ;reference the business lists and reviews of their Facebook friends for recommendations
The new application also features quick access to business profile information, including maps and driving directions.

By connecting YellowPages.ca™’s business listings to over 70 million active Facebook users, yellowpages.ca is taking the mission of finding the best seller for each buyer to a whole new level. […Click headline to read more]

Written By: langdon on May 15, 2008 No Comment

Just a week after congratulating our team for being the first in our client’s brand category for integrating facebook connect into a website, I discovered how incredibly easy it is to add the same functionality with Wordpress – the content management system (CMS) used to run this blog.
Within 15 minutes of finding this plug-in, I had converted this entire site to use this new application that will allow you to sign in using your twitter or facebook ID when making comments on any of my posts.

The benefit for you is that it becomes quicker to post comments. The benefit for me is that your comments can be shared with your own social graph on twitter or facebook – which will increase word of mouth on articles that you deem worthy of sharing. […Click headline to read more]

Written By: langdon on April 30, 2008 No Comment

Have you thought about leveraging the power of instant messaging as a customer interaction channel?

YellowPages.ca built an interactive instant messaging BOT that ran on MSN IM that allowed customers to search for a business within the the social environment of MSN IM that leveraged the power of instant messaging as a customer interaction channel.


Growing number of mobile devices have MSN IM embedded
YP.CA search via MSM IM on a mobile device is alternative to using mobile browser.
Customer does not need to leave their social network to make a search
Search results can be shared with the customer’s to social network.
Customers may interact through instant messaging to retrieve information
Natural language processing intelligent agent to answer free-form requests
“Always only a click away” presence on IM buddy list
Pre-configured with prototypical “individual finder” and “business finder” capability
Business Directory Assistance by Name, City, Province or Business Finder Search by category […Click headline to read more]

Written By: langdon on March 25, 2008 No Comment

If you want to be a professional blogger, then you need to check Performancing (http://performancing.com) for advice. This new blog is focused on professional blogging by offering keywords tips, advice about headline styles, and how to increase your blog traffic. […Click headline to read more]

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Written By: langdon on September 28, 2007 3 Comments

As consumers integrate social media into their everyday lives, they want to augment their experience by accessing media from different platforms, specifically mobile phones and TVs. The most popular activity on the mobile phone remains direct media sharing, such as sending photos to friends. Secondary media sharing, such as visiting photo and video-sharing sites or social networks, is popular as well. Most of the large sites, including MySpace , Facebook, and YouTube , have mobile versions, optimized for viewing on a mobile phone. Mobile phones, especially smart-phones, are becoming much more media-friendly as well, offering larger screens for better viewing, more convenient input methods, and cheaper data plans. […Click headline to read more!]

Written By: langdon on August 1, 2007 No Comment

We knew this was coming… but results from a new report from Opera, a Norway-based mobile browsing company even surprised me!

According to the report, 40% of global mobile web traffic starts with popular social-networking sites such as MySpace, hi-5 and facebook.

That number grows to 60% when you look at U.S. numbers – which is not surprising as Americans tend to spend more time on the mobile web relative to SMS than other markets. […Click headline to read more]

Written By: langdon on July 23, 2003 No Comment

AOL has launched their AOL Yellow Pages instant messenger buddy [… Click Headline to read more]

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