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Everyone is playing with social media, but there is a deeply held perception that social media lacks mass audience reach, measurability and depth to get the job done.This is why, until now, social media has not captured a larger share of big advertisers’ budgets — it seems oxymoronic that social media’s microtargeting capability can ever deliver mass audiences. But like our little engine, This is changing however as the technology pieces are coming together to create the formula for audience reach, measurability and interactivity that yield intent and business results. There is a new maturity in this space as represented, for example, by marketers who now understand that thousands of Twitter followers has no direct relevance to effectiveness or that Facebook alone can not launch campaigns. Here’s how the social media engine can be used to deliver mass audiences efficiently… [click Headline to read more !!!]

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If you are a large brand or company you are using an analytics solution such as google analytics to track your traffic and understand your visitors. The first phase a social media strategy should be understanding what your users search for when they are looking for your product or brand. […click HEADLINE to read more ! ]

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In the last 24 hours, over 900,000 new blog posts were written – a majority of them about product or service information, idle chatter, orpersonal experiences with companies and their employees. In fact, by the time you finish this paragraph, two new blog sites will be created. Blogs (short for web-log) are just one part of the 21st century’s online conversation. This conversation includes an array of networking tools, blogs, bookmarking sites, and other social media resources.

It is part of what’s known as “Web 2.0,” a term that describes new ways people learn and interactively share information through the Internet. These online conversations are fast, expansive, and crucial to be a part of, and if you are like most IT professionals, you are neither aware nor involved enough. […click headline to read more!]

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Social Media is becoming one of the most important online marketing tactic. More and more companies jump into social network marketing field to promote their brand or product, and they brought huge amount of marketing dollar in as well. Since all marketing investment need to be evaluated returns, the question comes up: how to measure the performance of social media marketing? […Click headline to read more]

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Written By: langdon on September 19, 2010 One Comment

Three Conditions for a Viral Idea: Susceptibility, Connectedness: Majority: Even skeptical people can be influenced by an idea that permeates their local environment. It really isn’t all that important which people are influenced initially. A majority doesn’t just rule, it convinces.
Mass Media: Reaching a lot of people cheaply is the best way to reach the specific people you need.
Don’t Over-Target: Social Search research shows that combining a few general targeting parameters is enough for a message to reach its intended objective. Laser like focus can be less efficient and you lose the chance to reach people who can influence the target.
Encourage Word-of-Mouth: Social Media strategies are a great way to extend a marketing campaign, but not a replacement. To get maximum effect, integration with Mass Media and other marketing communication is crucial. [… Click Headline to read more]

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Unless you accept that there will be a permanent record of “interesting details” that you will never be able to delete, it is safer to use regular e-mail, rather than LinkedIn messaging [… Click headline to read more]

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Many professionals are trying to make as many connections as possible without realizing that LinkedIn imposes certain limitations on each user. Here they are: […Click headline to read more]

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New Rule! You may only use the “First Name” and “Last Name” section of your LinkedIn profile for your first name and last name. You can’t add anything else. What does this mean? How can this affect you? Simple, you can’t use this strategy anymore. It also affects “open networkers”, the people who accept all invitations and want to expand their network as they can’t announce they are open networkers anymore. Many people belong to groups like LION or TopLinked and other groups of open networkers who require you write their name after you last name; you can’t do it anymore. Many more of you might write your email after your name to invite people to network, remove it. These are some of the common uses of your profile name that are being cracked down […Click headline to read more]

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Thoora is a new and different service that helps people discover the news attracting the most attention and social reactions – making it easy for you to filter through the noise and the growing challenge of finding valuable news and information.

What makes Thoora’s approach to the news unique is their proprietary algorithm, clustering and ranking technology that lets Thoora index in real-time the entire blogosphere where Thoora has indexed 81 million blogs, Twitter, and thousands of traditional media sources

Thoora listens to everyone’s voices, which discovers the stories that are being talked about the most. The most interesting stories are highlighted as opposed to relying on just a small group of editors or A-List bloggers.

Thoora is completely automated. Thoora don’t play favorites, and Thoora does not curate the news. By listening to the millions of voices from the social Web, Thoora gives you the whole story because what people are saying on blogs and Twitter about the news isn’t just commentary but an integral part of the story itself.

Thoora discovers the stories that everyone is talking about by exploring the entire blogosphere, Twitter and thousands of traditional media sources. Thoora identifies the strongest “signals” within the blogosphere (blogs and comments), Twitter and traditional media; cluster together the strongest signals form each group, and then highlight the stories attracting the most attention. […Click headline to read more]

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Social Media  & Speech Recognition – IM+ to support Speech Recognition for Twitter & IM

Unlike some people, I love Twitter – follow me. Thing is, just about every time I get a chance to tweet, I can’t. Maybe my hands are covered in grease; maybe I just don’t want to come home from a long day of blogging and have to squeeze my thoughts into 140 characters with my iPhone’s made-for-babies keyboard.

Voice recognition Twitter apps are intriguing, but none of the major Twitter clients have it yet (as far as I know), and I’m just not hardcore enough to drop money on any apps that might offer voice-tweeting as its sole functionality. Fortunately, an already worthwhile app has come along and solved all my problems via upgrade.

IM+, is a pretty decent instant messaging app (which supports AIM, Yahoo, Twitter, Skype Chat, Facebook, Google Talk, Yahoo, and more), has just submitted a build which packs Voice Recognition for Twitter and IM as one of its major features. It’s not quite up yet, but I was fortunate enough to get a pre-release copy from my ex-boss that now works at Microsoft.

While we’ll have to wait to see if we’ll give the Voice Recognition the Seal of Approval, it doesn’t seem to stumble over my cousin’s mild accent. It seems to rely on a server to do the crunching, which introduces two caveats: it’s a bit slow, and it’s not free. That said, it’s only .99c a month – and if that means I can tweet without slathering my iPhone in grease, it might be worth it.

The future :

“100,000 years ago, humans started to speak so they could free up their hands. Is it going to happen again? I’d love to get rid of my keyboard…”

I wrote this sentence on Twitter, and got many comments back about how people hate interactive voice response (IVR) systems and speech recognition and how others can’t wait for the day that the technology improves.

In some […Click headline to read more!]

Written By: langdon on August 15, 2009 One Comment

Social media has forever changed the way people use technology to interact with others, but it can no longer satisfy people’s needs in its current form and must change course.

The new form of social media will be about creating “whole products” and complete experiences, all in real time, across the web, mobile, and live. Each user will be able to create his or her own experience using tools, features, and apps that magically coalesce. People will be able to move seamlessly through information that is available to them anywhere, anytime, sharing rich content with a rich set of groups and networks that they themselves define. Innovative companies that are able to listen to these needs and deliver products based on them will not only survive but thrive in the coming months and years as people eagerly advance on the inviting waters of the new social alchemy.

Social media is morphing into a holistic experience that speaks to people’s social needs in new ways. If you are a CEO of a startup who is focusing on the next generation of social media, here are 10 areas you’ll need to take into consideration [… Click headline to read more!]

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How many friends do you have online? I’ve currently got hundreds of friends on facebook, Linkedin, and on twitter and smaller amounts on slideshare, last.fm, friendfeed, YouTube, and flickr. I’ve also got a few thousand followers who visit this blog every month.

Although most of my friends aren’t on all these platforms or even have as many “friends” as I do in each channel, some have many times more than me.

Can you really have 2,000 friends? Is it time to unfriend / unfollow all but your 150 best friends in each social media channel? […Click headline to read more!]

Written By: langdon on July 26, 2009 One Comment

Looking at my 300 subscriptions in my RSS feed, nearly half the blogs have either stopped posting or at least reduced their frequency. Although I wrote about 5 reasons why twitter is making many blogs irrelevant here, I think it would be a mistake for people to abandon their blog in favour of a micro-blog such as twitter or a feed aggregator such as friendfeed.

Given that the most important brand you ever work on should be your own, your blog should evolve to be more than an opinion site, but one that aggregates and presents your personal brand. [… Click headline to read more!]

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A funny thing has happened over the last six months – many of the blogs I’ve been following have gone silent while at the same time the amount of chatter on and about Twitter has been manic. I must admit, it’s often way easier to post a small sound bite with a link rather than spend an hour or two to write a full post on a topic. Twitter has a few inherent advantages over most blogs […Click headline to read more!]

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