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Breadcrumb navigation is wonderful for usability and for SEO. This text-based navigation shows where in the site hierarchy the currently viewed web page is located and your location within the site, while providing shortcuts to instantly jump higher up the site hierarchy. A product page for a table lamp may have the breadcrumb navigation of “Home > Home Furnishings > Lighting > Table Lamps.”

If the breadcrumb contains text links with relevant keywords in the anchor text, that is a significant SEO benefit. and better than “click here” or “more info” in the anchor text. Such words provide no clues as to the topic of the linked page, for the search engines or your users, because all you’re telling them is that the page to which you are linking is all about “click here.” […Click headline to read more]

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If you run an ecommerce site, then you know that it’s important to make sure that your products show up in the organic search results ahead of your competitors–especially if your competitor is selling the same products. Optimizing your ecommerce web site for the search engines can be tricky at times, so we’ll examine what’s really required in order for your products to rank better than your competitor’s products in the organic search results.
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What is an absolute link? What is a relative link? Why should you care which one you use? When it comes to how you set up the links on your web site, it’s important to use an absolute link.

A relative link is when you have an internal link and you only specify the page URL and not the full URL in the link. I’ll tell you my search engine ranking horror story and exactly why you should use absolute linking on your web site. I would hate for your web site to suddenly lose all its search engine rankings…. […Click Headline to read more !!! ]

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If you’re on an online marketer with a limited budget, then you’re in luck. I’ve compiled a list of online or downloadable SEO tools that I recommend and use on a regular basis. Each of these tools has to do with the organic or “natural” search engine rankings of websites. Savvy online marketers use a combination of these tools to analyze and generally “figure out” why one particular web page is ranking better than another web page. […Click headline to read more]

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