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Search Engine Optimization

Written By: langdon on May 12, 2013 No Comment

If you are a large brand or company you are using an analytics solution such as google analytics to track your traffic and understand your visitors. The first phase a social media strategy should be understanding what your users search for when they are looking for your product or brand. […click HEADLINE to read more ! ]

Written By: langdon on July 28, 2009 No Comment

Whether it’s a corporate blog, a news-type blog, or even a personal blog, optimizing your blog for the search engines is a must. There are some simple changes that you can make to WordPress and Moveable Type that will make your blog more search engine friendly and make the search engines beg for more (more post and content, that is!). [… Click headline to read more!]

Written By: langdon on July 25, 2009 One Comment

Are you using search engine optimization tactics that lead to SEO overkill? You may not think so, but according to several SEO experts at the Search Engine Strategies conference held recently in Chicago, Illinois, you might be using what is called “SEO Overkill”. SEO is not a shopping spree. You need website traffic, but you need to pace yourself–even sound practices may fail if they’re rushed. When picking a domain name, short domain names are easy to read–if you use multiple hyphens or forced capitalization, it looks like spam and visitors are immediately suspicious of your website. And when it comes to search engine optimization, you need to pick your priorities–don’t manage too many keywords at once. [… click headline to read more !]

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