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Linking Strategy

Written By: langdon on July 27, 2009 No Comment

If you are in a field that can’t build links naturally create linkbait. What really is link bait? It’s something on your web site that causes someone to link to you. A classic example of link bait would be the Subservient Chicken web site by Burger King. So many people ended up talking about that web site that they linked to it–it currently enjoys about 29,300 links according to Yahoo!, and ranks number one on Google for the word chicken. By creating something on your web site that’s funny, controversial, informative, or creative, it will gain natural links–which is the key to top search engine rankings. […Click headline to read more! ]

Written By: langdon on July 25, 2009 2 Comments

A linking campaign is a necessary step in the overall success of your website. You can put up a website, have great web design, and have great content; but without other websites linking to your website no one will know about it. Furthermore, the search engines rely on links in order to find new websites and new web pages. A proper linking campaign will not only increase your website’s online visibility and traffic, it will allow the search engines to find your site and help your website get indexed. Linking Best Practices and Linking Worst Practices […Click headline to read more]

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