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Free 411 mobile and voice search uses a sophisticated set of algorithms to determine the order in which results are returned to the caller. By default these algorithms are configured to provide highly relevant results for any type of category while also factoring in placement and ranking information from the merchant data base. In fact, the relative importance of proximity vs. ranking data is configurable on a per-category basis. This allows the mobile platform to effectively support categories where proximity is very important (i.e. coffee shops and restaurants), services that are mobile (i.e. taxis, plumbers), and everything in between. Results are presented in a weighted random order, providing preferred merchants with preferential placement while simultaneously ensuring fair representation for all. […Click headline to read more]

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Facebook and Twitter are getting all of the attention for providing APIs that let developers recreate their services on their own sites. This strategy has in part led to Twitter’s growth explosion. So giving away your data seems to work – and neither of these sites has a killer revenue model. […click headline to read more !]

The next big innovation in local search is going to come as the publishers that control all of the yellow pages listings data release that data via APIs and let the users come up with cool applications that sit on top of that data. Right now I think the majority of Web marketers don’t have much of a clue as to the value of local search traffic. Clicks for DUI attorneys are certainly worth more than those for ring tones. But if the data is suddenly easily available and new sites start cropping up that appear to be making $, you will start to see even more local search sites than we have now. This will make for a very crowded field, but if you’re the data publisher and your ads are riding along with the data, you may not care who ranks #1 in Google, as long as the ad clicks belong to you. [… Click headline to read more!]

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GigPark allows users to make specific recommendations about local businesses and service providers to their friends. For Canpages, adding GigPark’s functionality to their own growing platform was an obvious choice [… Click headline to read more!]

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The Canadian local search market now has one less player when Canpages acquired online directory ZipLocal.ca. Canpages said the deal would boost its rapidly-growing online search business, by adding ZipLocals’ user-generated reviews and ratings of businesses to its own search site. […Click headline to read more]

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Would you follow your favorite healthy pizza place on Twitter? Through the power of Twitter, – I am now following NakedPizza, a New Orleans super-health conscious pizza joint. The article that my twitter friends were talking about is “A Sign Of Things To Come: Naked Pizza Erects Twitter Billboard”

So, what did NakedPizza do that deserves such mention? Simple. They are using traditional media combined with social media to stay connected with their customers.
From the article – “But if a business can get a customer to add their Twitter handle, it gets a free channel to constantly remind them that they exist. By tweeting out promotions a few times a week, Naked Pizza will maintain a presence in the customer’s consciousness, and the customer gets a chance to score some cheap pizza.”

What a brilliant strategy from a small business. Twitter is likely one of the best tools, since eNewsletters, for constant communication with your customers. From a user perspective, I can follow my favorite local, regional or national brand players who will inform me through tiny 140 character updates about products, specials or whatever. When I compare Twitter to Email, I see 3 key advantages [….Click headline to read more]

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Video is definately making its mark in Canada with a number of local search sites launching video products. Companies such as Yellow Pages Group on YellowPages.ca, GoldBook, Canpages all have video products available to their customers.

Of particular note in this post is the ability to embed these videos into 3rd party websites. For end customers this is a great way to leverage the video service on their own websites to generate a richer experience for customers who might type their URL directly. This service is available on YellowPages.ca. Under any video you can select “embed”, grab the code and place it on your website. […Click headline to read more]

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Yellow Pages Group Co (YPG), the leading multiplatform directory search and advertising solutions provider, today announced that it is collaborating with Nokia to provide local directory search functionality for Nokia users on selected models.

As part of this collaboration, Yellow Pages Canada will provide localized content within the Nokia Mobile Search that enables users to access Yellow Pages’ directory, and search by company, business type, call suppliers immediately, save information in their contact books, and view maps. This offers users a simple, convenient, and fast way to find and connect to yellowpages.ca content as they want it directly from their Nokia devices. […Click headline to read more]

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With Google Custom Search, you can harness the power of Google to create a customized search experience for your own website.

In this example, I created a Google Custom search that will only search the business listings results from two of Canada’s leading directory publishers yellowpages.ca and canpages.ca. […Click headline to read more]

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What do you wish to search google for? […Click headline to read more]

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