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Most brands treat their mobile applications as an advertisement. No one wants to download an ad. No one will use or keep form-fitted cookie cutter application’s that do not provide any solution or bring value for users. Do not be tempted to just push your brand and advertising, instead think about what problem you can solve; what value you can add or what solution that you can deliver.[…click headline to read more!]

Written By: langdon on August 23, 2009 3 Comments

You have built the next great application for iPhone or BlackBerry, but it is still the worlds greatest secret. Here are 50 suggestions that you can use to promote your application to the world. A nearly perfect mobile marketing plan and follow-up execution will fall short if the underlying app is uninspiring, bug-ridden or unremarkable. In addition, a well-designed, compelling app thrown in the mix of 50,000+ apps and unsupported by marketing, would likely disappoint. An integrated approach is most effective, with all components complementing and leveraging one another. A commitment to an integrated marketing plan and continued improvements to the app itself, will increase your probability of a sustained advantage in the marketplace. [… Click headline to read more!]

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Layar is a so-called ‘augmented reality browser’, an application that turns you mobile phone’s camera viewer – only on Android-powered phones for the time being – into a full-fledged information portal and local business search engine. It essentially puts an information overlay on top of your camera view, bringing digital data of various sorts into play whenever you’re looking at or for something in the real world. […Click headline to read more!]

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Although some have called bluetooth marketing “blue spam” marketing, WCIT has taken an approach that should be considered best practice – they have bluetooth zones setup in malls that encourage consumers to register & make their devices discoverable. In return, consumers who enter the zone can download something of value to their mobile device (like a mall catalogue of sales, store locator etc…) and don’t feel like they are being disrupted at random.

Permission based bluetooth marketing can be a great extension of your digital, mobile, or multi-channel campaign. [… Click headline to read more!]

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In a nut shell, it’s adding a layer of information on top of “reality” – or what your webcam or mobile camera is projecting on your screen. Like a QR or 2d bar code, an AR 2d bar code is interpreted by your webcam but instead of being sent to a URL, data is layered on top of the AR code – creating an augmented reality. […Click headline to read more]

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Yellow Pages Group (YPG), Canada’s leader in local commercial search, has launched the YellowPages.ca™local search application to provide consumers with a user-friendly tool to easily search for local businesses and people using a BlackBerry smartphone or Apple iPhone. Consumers are increasingly looking for relevant and useful local business information or residential phone numbers from their mobile devices when they are on-the-go. The application puts the power of our network in the hands of every BlackBerry and iPhone user and gives our advertisers access to a significant number of potential customers. The YellowPages.ca application includes the following features:
– Business, Person and Reverse phone number look-up
– Save to your favourites (My Favs) and/or address book
– Share listing results with others via email/sms
– Local proximity-based search using GPS & Maps (for devices which this is enabled)
– Direct connect to Voice Search […Click headline to read more! ]

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Yellow Pages Group launched today a new YellowPages.ca™ application on the Facebook Platform, which connects users with local businesses.Facebook users can now download the YellowPages.ca™ application to find, rate and review businesses ;build lists of their favourite restaurants and shops ;share lists of their favourite local businesses with their Facebook network ;reference the business lists and reviews of their Facebook friends for recommendations
The new application also features quick access to business profile information, including maps and driving directions.

By connecting YellowPages.ca™’s business listings to over 70 million active Facebook users, yellowpages.ca is taking the mission of finding the best seller for each buyer to a whole new level. […Click headline to read more]

Written By: langdon on November 29, 2007 3 Comments

Finding a product or merchant is now easier with the new Yellow Pages™ directory on Short Messaging Service (SMS), better known as text messaging. For those looking for local businesses anywhere in Canada, the information is now literally at their fingertips using their mobile devices. The information contained in YPG’s text message service is the same as that available via the YellowPages.ca web site, offering a vast listing of some one million businesses across Canada.In order to access Yellow Pages™ directory content via text messaging, users simply send a message to 411411. The message must include a keyword (i.e. “taxi” or “jewellery”), followed by a comma, and the location being searched (city or postal code). The service will quickly reply with up to nine relevant results listed in order of proximity. Users can also obtain national merchants just by removing the comma. […Click headline to read more!]

Written By: langdon on September 28, 2007 3 Comments

As consumers integrate social media into their everyday lives, they want to augment their experience by accessing media from different platforms, specifically mobile phones and TVs. The most popular activity on the mobile phone remains direct media sharing, such as sending photos to friends. Secondary media sharing, such as visiting photo and video-sharing sites or social networks, is popular as well. Most of the large sites, including MySpace , Facebook, and YouTube , have mobile versions, optimized for viewing on a mobile phone. Mobile phones, especially smart-phones, are becoming much more media-friendly as well, offering larger screens for better viewing, more convenient input methods, and cheaper data plans. […Click headline to read more!]

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We knew this was coming… but results from a new report from Opera, a Norway-based mobile browsing company even surprised me!

According to the report, 40% of global mobile web traffic starts with popular social-networking sites such as MySpace, hi-5 and facebook.

That number grows to 60% when you look at U.S. numbers – which is not surprising as Americans tend to spend more time on the mobile web relative to SMS than other markets. […Click headline to read more]

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1% or more use each of the following: Gecko-based browsers, KHTML-based browsers, Internet Explorer 5-7, and Opera. Total IE numbers started dropping in mid-2004 as users switched to the Gecko based browsers. Data from several sources suggest that ~0.2% of page accesses are by users with mobile devices, e.g. cellphones, with the numbers growing fairly quickly. Many people don’t use the latest version of their browser, even when what they use is way out-of-date and has serious security defects. For example, a study of one stats source in Nov 2006 revealed that only 12% of IE5 users were using the latest version of IE 5, that only 59% of Netscape 7 users were using the latest version of Netscape 7, and that only 30% of Opera 8 users were using the latest version of Opera 8. This means that testing only with the latest version of a browser may not be adequate
[…Click headline to read more!]

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Bell Canada delivers first wireless voice recognition portal to Canadians

VoiceNet is a new voice recognition service that enables Bell Mobility customers to have their email and other Sympatico-Lycos web content including news, weather, and sports read to them through the use of simple voice commands. The service is the first of its kind in Canada, and is being offered in English and French to digital and analog customers throughout Bell Mobility’s coverage area. […]

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Mint Inc. was established in Toronto in 2003 to introduce and advance wireless payment technology in North America. The company developed customized technology applications to provide next generation payment solutions to include cell phones, cards and RFID transponders. […click headline to read more! ]

Written By: langdon on July 30, 2002 One Comment

Sympatico-Lycos Inc., the leading Canadian Internet portal, develops and launches the Air Canada’s first mobile services.
This inovative service development is the latest in wireless applications for Canada’s #1 wireless site. Travellers on Air Canada will have another option for accessing a variety of relevant travel information with the announcement today that Sympatico-Lycos Inc., the leading Canadian Internet portal, has developed and is launching the airline’s Mobile Services. With the introduction of this service Air Canada becomes the first carrier in Canada to offer air travellers this customer service innovation through wireless devices.
[…click headline to read more!]

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